About Mohave:

Embrace the spirit of adventure that characterizes Western Arizona, a region dominated by the mighty Colorado River and scattered with fun-filled towns.

Western Arizona is sometimes called the “West Coast” even though it doesn’t border the ocean. Find out why it earned this name by visiting its tranquil lakes or seeking adventure on the roaring Colorado River. Alongside watersports and scenic hikes, this corner of the state also promises cities with the kind of unusual attractions that you could only find in Arizona.

Take time to learn about the history and culture of Western Arizona in the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts. Marvel at ancient ruins from Arizona’s earliest inhabitants and browse displays of traditional crafts and stunning paintings.

Oatman: Nestled in Arizona's rugged and remote wilderness, this tiny town's rich Wild West history comes to life with staged shootouts, wooden sidewalks and a bounty of burros that roam freely. At first glance, the wild burros of Oatman seem to steal the show but dig a bit deeper and you'll discover the town's raucous mining history and a vibrant main street that plays host to various events throughout the year.

The world-famous Oatman burros

Oatman is best known for its beloved burros—small donkeys descended from miners' beasts of burden. The town is home to more burros than people, and it's not unusual to see dozens of donkeys in Oatman wandering the main drag, sticking their heads through the rails along the wood-plank sidewalks, nudging people for treats and otherwise delighting visitors. The burro has become such an integral part of Oatman's identity that the town now plays host to an annual Burro Biscuit Toss, where residents and visitors alike compete to see who can throw a dried-out, gold-painted burro dropping the farthest